We are a styling startup created by Emma Curran, a retail clothing designer.


Emma was asked to help women with their wardrobe so often, the creation of ECDC was inevitable. As she helped friends and family, then friends of friends, then friends of friends of friends, she developed an efficient, enjoyable and thoughtful way to help women make the most of their look.


What Topshop, River Island, Asos and their ilk have lost, time pressed professional women gain. Who better to help navigate the complicated business of clothing than someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry?


We give you crucial tools to hone your personal style and thus do wonders for your confidence. We thought we’d save you plenty of time and money too.


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Who We Are

We specialise in helping working women to transition their wardrobe.


We give you everything you need to sartorially meet any challenge your career throws at you. Our advice should massively improve your confidence, save you time and maximise your professional opportunity.


By concentrating on your existing personal style and the specific industry you work in, we can show you how to dress to improve relationships with employers, clients and colleagues.


It is very important to us that we fully understand your concerns and that we successfully help you to resolve them.


The service we offer is subtle and entirely responsive to your needs. We are used to working with a range of different budgets, drop us a message to see how we can work together.


How We Can Help

We Can Go Shopping


Targeting the right shops for you means that we can find the best pieces for your wardrobe and get the most out of your budget. We can introduce you to new favourite brands, pick up the perfect outfit for a specific occasion or, if you just hate shopping, we can do it all for you.

We Can Edit Your Wardrobe


With a fresh eye, you'd be surprised by how easy it is to get your existing wardrobe working so much harder. We weed out the issues, re-purpose existing items and help you to claw precious time back from the dull bits of your morning routine.

You Can Leave It All To Us


Tell us about, you, your career and your budget and in thirty six hours we can build you a two week work wardrobe and send you links to buy the whole lot.


You don't even have to set foot in store.

You Can Start Again


If you want a complete overhaul, we walk you through it. We show you how to use your new wardrobe to signpost who you really want to be.

Who We Love

We use our blog, newsletter and social media to shout about brands you need to know about, bloggers that make our lives easier and other incredibly useful style hacks we come across as we help our clients.

Who Loves Us



“Emma was really quick to respond to my request for a new work wardrobe and the report she put together was exactly what I was looking for!

Her recommendations were comprehensive, affordable and tailored perfectly to my brief. Within the framework of ten items (by the time I got the end of the guide I couldn’t believe it was that few!) there was so much choice and versatility and whole outfit suggestions at the end really pulled everything together.




Prior to seeking advice from ECDC I was concerned about looking boring and frumpy in my new work wardrobe, but a few unusual print and colour suggestions (along with simple staples) kept everything feeling fresh and young. Another nice (and useful) touch were the ‘outfit hacks’ and little pointers accompanying each item e.g. fabrics to look for, fitting and styling tips etc. These made the experience feel more personal, like something you would get in a shop, and certainly helped inform me about what I should be looking for in any future purchases. On a practical note, the built in web links for each item were also great. They saved me so much time and made the online shopping experience easier than ever.


All in all, Emma’s suggestions have made my life so much easier and I am confident that I will start the new year feeling put together and comfortable. With nothing else quite like it on the market I will definitely be recommending ECDC to my friends!”


Brogan R, North London


“My striped jumper was waiting for me this morning… It’s excellent!! Thank you for encouraging me to be brave.”


Chris T, North London


“I initially approached Emma as I was apprehensive about choosing new clothes for my clinical rotation as a doctor. Such circumstances demand that I am bare below the elbow and do not wear a tie and, given my current wardrobe I was worried I would look underdressed and uninterested or perhaps worse, inappropriately dressed. Within 36hrs Emma had produced my incredibly useful guide of what I should be looking to purchase in order to look professional and up to date.


As someone with little experience of the fashion world, it was great that the bespoke advice was very visual as it allowed me to easily see what the text was explaining. In addition there were links direct to suggested items or other bits of advice which enabled me to quickly see what was meant, as opposed to trawling through webpage after webpage.


Perhaps the best aspect of the guide was its relevance to my body type. Being very tall I often find it difficult to find clothes that fit nicely. My experience with some high street brands is that their larger sizes, fitting me on the shoulders and chest, are far too baggy around the waist areas and sleeve length is often a problem. Emma suggested both high street and higher end brands that did a good ‘Tall’ range; invaluable advice that I will take into casual clothes shopping. Another thoughtful aspect was suggestions on how to appear more approachable to young children given my size. I must admit it was not something I had previously thought of, but is advice that I will now definitely take. It is such insightful small detail that sums up my very positive experience of this service. I will definitely be recommending this to both friends and co-workers. Thank you Emma for your fantastic guide!”


Harry B, Norwich

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